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Por Eva Anastasiu - Eco Fashion World

All over the world, courageous fashion designers are stepping off the beaten path and quite literally going on the road to build relationships with farmers who will grow organic fibers for them and local artisans who will share their craftsmanship with them. But even with organic or recycled fabrics, even with the workers making the garments by hand in the mountains of Peru, the results are everything but folkloric. Today’s eco designers have understood that fashion has to sell on its esthetic merits and if they want to survive and be competitive in this industry, they have to offer a product that’s at least as desirable as its “non eco” equivalent. In their search for originality and quality, several designers have turned to the traditional crafts of Latin America to build their brands. Some of the standouts we met last year at the Ethical Fashion Show in Paris included Carla Fernandez of Taller Flora from Mexico (and winner of the British Council 2008 International Young Fashion Entrepreneur (IYFE) award), French-Brazilian collaboration Modafusion, as well as Pampa and Pop from Argentina and Ponchissimo from Equator.

Aside from the obvious challenges of running an ethical fashion label, another area where green designers struggle is to get their product to the people who would love to wear it but don’t necessarily know where to start.  This is where we decided to come in with We wanted to create an international platform to show how glamorous and edgy eco and ethical fashion can be thanks to our daily news and a monthly online magazine, and make it more easily accessible to the customers by creating an international guide where we list and describe individual brands and stores. So now, with just a couple of clicks, you can discover a whole world of sustainable style!

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